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Frozen Drain Pipe Thawing

Hot Water Dispersal By using a flusher truck or steam unit to thaw frozen drains and catch basins, CWW can conduct the thawing process via any number of access points including a sink, toilet flange, and clean-out. The water is heated in the flusher truck or steam unit and then flushed directly into the drain line. CWW provides its frozen pipe thawing services to customers across all of its market segments: municipal, industrial, commercial (including heavy construction), and residential.

Frozen Waterline Thawing

Discharging Electrical Current For thawing frozen water lines within our residential, commercial (including heavy construction), and industrial markets, CWW deploys a compact thawing device called a Pipe Thawer. CWW’s plumbing technicians attach two electrical cables to the ends of the copper pipe or section of pipe to be thawed and then plug the machine into an ordinary wall socket. The technician then turns on the power, causing the dispersal of an electrical current through the pipe, and within minutes the pipe is heated and thawed.